Saturday, June 1, 2013

An Adorable Toddler's Reaction to Octopus Gnocci Creates Viral Video Sensation

Luiz Antonio is a precocious and charming toddler who, like most children, has many questions about the world around him. It was his specific curiosity about octopus gnocci though, that made him an instant video celebrity.

Speaking in Portuguese, young Luiz questioned his mother in order to better understand his meal. He wanted to know if the octopus in the gnocci was real and if it had died. He was upset by the answer and insisted that he didn't want to eat octopus or any other animal, adorably saying he wanted them to stay "standing up".

His mother encouraged him to eat the meal for a while, but eventually caved and agreed that they would not eat meat any more.

Luiz made a very simple but effective argument for vegetarianism that was hard to dispute. Basically, meat was once an animal and those animals shouldn't have to die for us to eat. Thanks Luiz for reminding everyone why we should care for our scaled, winged, four-legged and eight-legged friends.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Vegetarian and Dancing with the Stars Winner Kellie Pickler is Gumption Personified

She's cute, perky and talented, but most don't know the underlying bravery and strength that reside in Ms. Kellie Pickler.

The country-western singer, who sprouted her career from American Idol, struggled through a difficult childhood. Pickler was abandoned by her mother as a baby, and her father had a self-professed alcohol and drug problem that kept him in and out of prison much of her life. As such, Pickler was raised by her grandparents in Albemarle, a small town in North Carolina.

Craig Sjodin, Disney/ABC
In Albemarle, Pickler worked at the local drive-in diner and participated in cheerleading in school. She would sing with her grandmother on the front porch of their house and this led her to eventually try out for American Idol. As any American Idol viewer knows, she made it to Hollywood and her life was forever changed from that moment.

Even though Ms. Pickler is now a staple in country music, she seems to still be completely grounded. She has kept a good relationship with her father though he still is struggling with his addictions. She also has kept friends from her small town.

Pickler has made some changes to her lifestyle though. She eloped with her boyfriend Kyle Jacobs, a fellow song writer, and the two married on January 1, 2011. She also switched to a vegetarian diet. That's right, the former burger-serving Pickler decided to cut meat entirely out of her diet in 2008. She said that her health and videos of animal cruelty encouraged her to make the switch and she has been meat free for the past five years.

We honestly can't find a thing not to like about the straight-forward, funny Pickler. She has talent to spare, and it hasn't gone to her head. She stays empathetic, caring and open even after all that she's been through. She's one heck of a role model and we thoroughly enjoyed watching Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler dance their way to the mirror ball trophy.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Veggie Week in Review: Lion Meat on Menu in Florida, Russian Cat Videos, U.N.'s Bug-Eating Suggestion, Sizzling Vegan-Friendly Swimsuits

Silver linings and rainbows as we inch closer to summer. (Image via flickr)
We've had a brief number of posts over the last two weeks so we combined them for a two-week review.

We sadly discovered a restaurant in Florida that sells a variety of "exotic" meats, including lion. We also learned that the United Nations wants us to consider eating bugs. We did find some things to smile about though. We pondered why Russians make the best cat videos and we took a look at some vegan-friendly swimsuits for lazy summer days.

Here's The Veggie Week In Review:

We learned that anything, including lion, could be on the menu at one Florida restaurant.

We marveled at Russia's ability to make cat videos.

We got ready for the sun with some vegan-friendly beach wear.

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